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Waarom Multilease

De service van Multilease is gebaseerd op een viertal pijlers waarop u en uw organisatie kunnen bouwen:

  • Persoonlijk
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Traffic fines

Have you received a traffic fine? Here you find information concerning traffic fines, payment and appeal. In case of questions, please do not hesistate to contact your lease advisor.

Traffic fines
When Multilease receives a traffic fine due to a traffic violation, the fine will be sent directly to the driver with the request to fulfill the fine. Types of fines which can be received are:

  • Traffic fines from the CJIB (Central Fine Collection Agency)

  • Traffic fines from municipalities (Dutch or foreign) 

  • Police statement (foreign)

Payment - delayed payment
The imposed fine has to be paid directly to the collecting institution (the CJIB or the municipality). The details for payment are mentioned on the actual traffic fine. It is our advice to pay the fine by due date. If the payment is not fulfilled in time, the possibility exists that a credit control procedure is set into motion with an increase of the fine as a consequence.

In case Multilease receives a first reminder from the CJIB for a traffic fine, this fine will be paid by Multilease. The amount will subsequently be invoiced to the client. 

If you do not agree with the traffic violation, you can lodge an appeal. There are different procedures to lodge an appeal per traffic fine. The correct procedure is mentioned on the actual traffic fine.

In most circumstances, we advise you to pay the traffic fine before lodging an appeal. If the appeal is acknowledged, the sum of the fine will be refunded. 

More information
Visit the website of the CJIB for more information, click here (also for information in German and French). 
Visit the websites of the municipality issuing the traffic fine, or contact them by phone or email.